Aloe vera leaves bending is a very common problem you may face if you are growing it indoors. The most common among them are discoloration and/or drooping of leaves. Proper watering and care is the key to a healthy aloe plant. If an aloe vera plant has droopy or mushy leaves, that's a sign that it is being overwatered. If left untreated, the entire plant will die from the cold or from cold shock. Unlike other succulents, aeoniums’ active growth period is during fall, winter and spring seasons. Let me know if the subtitles are okay or if yall prefer voice narration. It's possible to grow aloe plants with dying leaves if you take steps to identify and address the reason the leaves are dying. Aloe speciosa (the Tilt-Head Aloe)- probably one of the most spectacular sights is a colony of these in full bloom in winter. When your aeoniums have shed most of their leaves and look like they are dying, most likely they are just going through dormancy. I am assuming it’s sunburned or just very stressed out as the leaves on the bottom of the plant are all very purple and drooping (the newer growth stayed green though). Two outer leaves have totally dried up, with a third one being reabsorbed. If you have a leaning or drooping aloe, consider the above issues and make sure you provide the plant with the right growing conditions. Though these dying aloe vera leaves indicate there is an issue with the plant, their presence usually doesn't mean the plant itself is dying. Help! This often leads to unwanted drooping … The succulent nature of the plant (leaves, stems, roots) enables the plant to cope during the dry season. It’s leaves are over a foot long!total width is about 3 feet. A drooping situation in just one part of the plant is a strong hint that the stem is the problem. Most people water their aloe way too much and the leaves fall off. Each plump leaf is filled with the gel-like substance you see in sunburn lotion.Like most succulents, Aloe vera isn't too hard to grow if you meet a few conditions it requires. Just look at how this pail full of 26 aloe vera plants has some of them leaning over and appearing to grow outside of the pail! Should I let the dirt totally dry out before watering? I'm worried it will lose all its leaves. Aloe is easy to grow and care for which makes for a great houseplant. Posted by 11 hours ago. I bought a few succulents two weeks ago, replanted them in soil, and put them on my coffee table. Fig. In time (and by now that has probably happened!) The aloe leaves can bend due to dry rot disease. The good news is that there is likely an easy fix. To combat root and leaf rot, plant aloe … Treating wilting aloe veras that have chemical damage requires removal of the leaves if there are only a few and transplant to prevent any chemicals in soil from transporting into the vascular system of the plant. Culture: To avoid droopy and pale appearance this plant needs 200 to 250 foot candles of light. Aloe leaves are drooping then falling off. Healthy aloe plants stand upright with a firm stalk and leaves. In addition to watering malpractice, incorrect container sizes can also be responsible for this common problem. I have it in aloe soil, and it seems to like where I put it where it gets just the right amount of sun. Unfortunately, not all plants are going to have a perky disposition. Those are good candidates to cut off to use for burns. The leaves closest to the cold source will be lost first. My friend almost killed this aloe, it was just a dead stalk, and gave it to me to try to fix. Thanks! The aloe vera plant is a perennial with thick, light green succulent leaves.

aloe leaves drooping

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