Even I forget while watching this one that it all started from a very simple desire to explain Anne’s phone. Here’s the intro to the episode, boarded by Steve: This week’s show-stopper in terms of character design has to be the color styling of Anne’s “galaxy hair” by Daniaelle Simonson: I got some questions after the episode aired as to whether or not her hair was created with CG - amazingly it is not. Tags. She was able to make Anne feel very sympathetic as she laments missing her home: The second was boarded by Aaron Austin, who birthed one of the episode’s best moments - when Sprig explains why most other kids don’t get him: It’s worth noting that the whole concept of “friend punch” was authored by Aaron. A place for all my art. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: Art director Ian Worrel and his team of did an amazing job establishing the intial look and feel of Amphibia with this episode. It was not in the script. Loggle’s shop was designed by Sun Jae Lee and is full of character. The idea for the Zap-apede to have + and - shaped pupils came directly from Steve. Ian Worrel and his team did an amazing job making it feel murky, disgusting, and somehow producible. Artwork by Ian Worrel, Daniaelle Simonson, Joey McCormick, Sun Jae Lee, Elle Michalka, and Amanda Winterstein. - Amphibia's premise was based on Matt's trips to Thailand as a young child and how he had to acclimate to an unfamiliar environment and culture. I just noticed that the Calamity Box is the first thing that vanishes into the World of AmphibiaAnd also that there’s already a huge chunk of Anne sucked with it (Poor Anne), Also the screen looks really cool after they’re gone, (Oh yeah the image is flipped because editing), Let Sasha cry and let it all out she needs it. Bgs by Ian Worrel, Elle Michalka, Sun Jae Lee, Jules Itzkoff, Joey McCormick, Amanda Winterstein, Daniaelle Simonson, and Phillip Vose. 1 being how Stan finally scared … On May 15, 2019, a month before the series premiere, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on July 11, 2020. Props by Andy Gonsalves. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. This was an important episode because it was one of our first stories (apart from Best Fronds) dealing with the issue of Anne missing home. Through writing this episode, and exploring his obsession with forcing Anne and Hop Pop to get along – specifically, just how far he’s willing to go, simply to avoid the discomfort of a family squabble –we finally began to see some of Sprig’s quirks rise to the surface. That does it for “Stakeout,” see you next week! - the island Anne finds herself and Amphibia takes place on is shaped like a lilypad. He is best known for creating and executive-producing the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia, as well as directing on Gravity Falls and Big City Greens This episode was boarded by Bert Youn, Yonaton Tal, and Kyler Spears. Amphibia is the latest cartoon from Disney and creator Matt Braly and the first two episodes are available for anyone to watch now (for free!) Colors by Daniaelle Simonson and Carol Wyatt. It’s also worth noting that this is the first episode to feature painted portraits like the one of Hop Pop with his cane. Filter by post type. Props to Andy and Jenn for building what looks like some kind of story progression to these images. All posts. See you next week for one of my favorite season 1 episodes: “Stakeout!”, “Having lived with many roommates over the years, I was super excited to work on this episode. THIS IS NOT A DRILL (via bipper-billdipper-deactivated20) That’s not very heterosexual of you Sasha. Daniaelle had this amazing idea to film iridescent cellophane rotating on a turntable and run that footage through a kaleidoscope filter on her phone. Images of Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia. BILL CIPHER IS GOING TO HAVE A PHYSICAL FORM. Matthew Benjakarn "Matt" Braly (born November 8, 1988) is a Thai-American animator, writer, director, producer, storyboard artist, and voice actor. It was a delicate thing to balance as we never wanted the situation to seem too sad. Since photography hasn’t been invented in Amphibia yet, we developed a short hand for the kinds of photorealistic paintings they’d have hanging around. Orbtus384 Hi! Verified account Protected Tweets @ Protected Tweets @ I dig that he’s an axolotl because up until this point we’ve only seen frogs.There was also a fun bit of action here at the end that was boarded by Derek Kirk Kim and Steve Wolfhard. Not to mention how they brought “web crusties” to life…gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them! It was just as important to me, as it was for Sprig, that they eventually find some common ground and get along. The following is an excerpt of two of the episode’s most memorable moments: the pizza joke and the introduction of Maddie Flour. Amphibia is script driven, meaning that much of a story’s DNA and structure are figured out before the storyboard launch. Dirigida por Matt Braly. Creator/EP of Disney's Amphibia and cat worshiper It’s nice to see Polly somewhat enjoying Anne’s companionship by the end, given that she wanted to kill her in just the previous episode. ), I love this story – the character moments, the jokes, the killer tomato plant – but this script will always be special to me because it represents when I went from thinking my creative relationship with Matt was going to work, to knowing for certain it would.”, - Story Editor & Coproducer, Jack Ferraiolo. Amphibia Renewed For A Third Season As Season 2 Bows July 11th. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki Pocket. Disney Channel has ordered a third season of animated series Amphibia starring Brenda Song (Dollface) ahead of its season 2 premiere on July 11. This is the first time we see Sprig’s room, and it fits him perfectly–the hammock bed, the terrariums, the hanging model dragonflies. The forest has the perfect blend of wonderment and intimidation while the town feels simultaneously exotic and incredibly cozy. Even so, you can feel the world and characters coming to life. Props by Andy Gonsalves. From there we reverse engineered the story into a “whodunit” where the family became addicted to binge-watching TV - a concept that should NOT exist at all in Amphibia. TVA had decided to move development to a new office space, so Matt and I were forced to share a smallish office. Here’s an excerpt of a pivotal scene from Best Fronds: Storyboards. It was ambitious and a bit risky, but essential to establishing the world and characters the way he wanted. Revisions were done by Janine Chang. I remember having everyone listen to “Yakety Sax” while they boarded to help make sure the chase felt fun. It was also important to track how comfortable Hop Pop and Polly were with Anne up until now. - Matt Braly. This episode is unique in that it has Sprig singing a song on his fiddle as the family quests along. “Matt had the brilliant idea to start “Anne or Beast” from Sprig’s point of view, then switch mid-episode to Anne’s. I remember thinking how cool it was that Sprig could move in that way, and also— oh yeah, he’s totally lost it. I also want to draw special attention to the painting of the tomato plant’s throat. That’s all for “Cane Crazy!”  Tune in next week for an in depth look at “Flood, Sweat, and Tears!”  Alright, goodbye! orbtus384. This world is inhabit by frogs and Anne meets Planter Family. The flour is caked on in a really appealing way and I love all the little details in the background.

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